ConnectNow Accounting End-of-Year Resources



This webinar covers the processes involved in closing the calendar year. We will discuss 1099's, W2's, and fiscal year closing if your fiscal year ends in December.

Couldn't attend or missed the webinar? A recorded version of the webinar is now available.


This checklist outlines the steps you'll want to complete as part of your End-of-Year (EOY) reports and processes in ConnectNow Accounting. Step-by-step instructions are available in the videos on the right.

Ledger and Payables

  1. Print End-of-Year reports (watch video).
  2. Process End-of-Year (watch video).


  1. Complete final payroll of the year.
  2. Set up W-2s.
  3. On the W-2s Employee Information page, click the Reprocess All button.
  4. Print W-2 review report and edit W-2 information as needed.
  5. Print W-2s.
  6. Electronically file W-2s (optional)



Click video title to view.

High-speed Internet is required.

Payroll: W-2s and End of Year Processing (16:33)

This video will walk you through the W-2 setup, employee processing, and W-2/W-3 printing and electronic filing… everything you’ll need to successfully file your payroll end of year reports!

W-2 Employee or 1099 Contractor? (4:33)

Unsure if you need to report your worker as a W-2 Employee or a 1099 Contractor? This short video will help you understand how the IRS classifies and differentiates between an employee and contractor.

Ledger & Payables: 1099/1096 Reporting Requirements and Processing (12:11)

This helpful video will refresh your memory from last year on how to prepare your vendors and print your 1099’s and 1096’s at the end of the calendar year.

Ledger & Payables: End of Fiscal Year(14:05)

This video will show you how you can process the end of the fiscal year in your Ledger & Payables system. If your fiscal year ends in December, watch this video in January; if your fiscal year ends in June, watch it in July.

Ledger & Payables: Budget Entry - Part 1 (4:59)

How to enter and edit your budget information. Part 1 goes through the manual steps of editing through ConnectNow.

Ledger & Payables: Budget Entry - Part 2 (8:37)

This video focuses on the new Export and Import budget feature in ConnectNow Accounting

Form Alignment (5:24)

Are your W2's, W3's or 1099's not lining up correctly? We will take a look at the 3 major Internet Browsers and a tips on getting those forms aligned correctly.

Transferring Funds Between Bank Accounts (4:24)

This video shows example of both correct and incorrect ways to transfer funds via ConnectNow Accounting.


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