ConectNow Family Suite End-of-Year Resources


Before running your End-of-Year (EOY) contributions statements, it's important to do some advanced preparation to ensure that your statements and your mailing information are accurate and complete. This checklist outlines the steps you'll want to complete for your EOY processing. Step-by-step instructions are available in both the ConnectNow online help for EOY and in the video below.

  1. Audit family names and addresses.
  2. Review fund names and settings for accuracy.
  3. Make sure all tax-deductible contributions are posted to the correct calendar year.
  4. Optional: Create a signature image to insert into your statements.
  5. Print your statements if you're ready now.


Electronic Statements

Electronic contribution statements are a new addition to ConnectNow Family Suite's Offering and Pledges program. They're simple to create and deliver to your donors.

  1. Details about Electronic Statements
  2. Video: Generating Electronic Statements
  3. Video: Retrieving Electronic Statements

Video: Creating Printed Statements

This video will walk you through the checklist steps needed to process year-end (outlined above). From simple audits to printing donor tax statements, you'll learn how to get accurate Contribution Statements and have them delivered to the correct place the first time.

High-speed Internet is required.