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Before running your End-of-Year (EOY) contributions statements, it's important to do some advanced preparation to ensure that your statements and your mailing information are accurate and complete. This checklist outlines the steps you'll want to complete for your EOY processing. Step-by-step instructions are available in our Support Center and in the videos on the right.

  1. Audit family names and addresses.
  2. Audit fund names and settings for accuracy.
  3. Post all tax-deductible contributions with the previous year's posting dates.
  4. Print populated registration forms (include with each statement) for member audit -- ask families to update their information on the printed form or submit changes online using your My Own Church system.
  5. Print contribution statements.

TIP! Print a copy of your 2016 statements to a .pdf file for the church records. When someone calls for a copy, you can reprint it quickly!



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Auditing Family Data (2:03)

Getting ready for a big mailing? In this video learn how to audit your family data from mailing name to zip code. It’s easy and saves you the time and cost of returned mail.

Auto Filling Additional Names (1:16)

See the process of auto filling your additional names. This process will populate the informal name, formal salutation and informal salutation for only the families that don’t have them or for everyone across the whole parish.

Creating a Batch (1:20)

Batches are the first step to your contribution posting. Creating and using batches is the recommended best practice for accuracy and accountability.

Posting Contributions (1:46)

View the process for posting your contributions into the Offering module.

Editing Contributions (1:48)

Oh no! I posted those how? This video shows you how to correctly edit a group of contributions posted to the wrong fund or date or an individual contribution to the wrong date or fund or the ability to change the dollar amount, memo or check number.

Common Settings for End-of-Year Statements (2:21)

This video will give you a walk through for the suggested common setting for running your end-of-year statements. We will cover selecting your filters for families and funds to including the IRS disclaimer on your statement.

Edit Your Body Of Statement (0:53)

How do I get this letter father just gave me onto all of these statements to the families? Editing your body of statement will allow you to have Father’s personal note to the parish on each of the statements without having to send a separate letter with each statement.

Setting a Signature File Path (1:39)
Version 3.7.23 and Higher

Want to add a signature to your statements? This video will show you the steps involved from recommended setting for getting your signature to how to tell the program where to find the signature file.

Customizing End-of-Year Reports (5:35)

Get the look you want in your EOY reports — or in any other ParishSOFT report. In this tutorial, learn how change the font size or type, hide fields, and insert a church logo.

Hiding an Unwanted Field in a Report or Statement (1:05)

Don’t want to see something on a report or statement? You can learn how to safely hide a field in a report or statement through this process.

Resizing a Field (0:46)

How can I change an area on a report or statement to better show a name or other item? This video will show you how you can make a field larger or smaller to better fit the data displayed.

Printing to a PDF File (1:45)

Printing to a PDF file is easy and can be a time saver if you may need to reprint all or part of the file again later. It is also convenient to allow for easier access to help with network traffic or if your file is large. This video will show how you can do this within ParishSOFT reports or anywhere you are able to print from.

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