ConnectNow Family Suite Transition Resources

Please note your step 2b will differ depending on whether you use Remote Solutions. See instructions below for details.

2a. Prepare Data for Migration

Make your final updates in your current ParishSOFT records prior to your data migration date to ConnectNow Family Suite. We recommend you check these key areas:
  1. Family Directory:  review your address, phone, and email information for families and members, and make any corrections.
  2. Offering & Pledges:  enter any postings you want recorded and brought into ConnectNow.
  3. Religious Education:  many parishes choose to start fresh with their Religious Education program data, but if you want your history of years, sessions, classes, and students brought into ConnectNow Family Suite, you'll want to run our Religious Ed Data Quality Checker. This tool will analyze and help align your records prior to data migration to ensure sessions and calendar dates are correctly populated.

    For step-by-step instructions on using the Data Quality Checker, click here.

    To download the Data Quality Checker (.exe file), click here.
  4. Time & Talent:  check that your ministry groups, ministries, and events are populated correctly.

2b. Backup Data for Migration*

Our transition team will use a backup copy of your ParishSOFT database to migrate your data to ConnectNow Family Suite.

*Remote Solution Users:

If your parish is a Remote Solutions user, we will create the backup copy of your database for you immediately following your data entry deadline.

*Non-Remote Solution Users:

Please submit a copy of your database by 5pm the day before you are scheduled for your transition to ConnectNow Family Suite. To send us an FTP backup copy of your database, please complete the following steps: 

  1. From any ParishSOFT program, select the About menu.
  2. Select ParishSOFT System Info.
  3. Select Perform Backup.
  4. In the Day column, check the current day of the week.
  5. Check the FTP column for the selected day of the week.
  6. Click the Backup button for the selected day of the week.

Sending your backup database file to ParishSOFT's FTP server may take a few minutes. You will get the message FTP Backup successful to when your FTP backup completes.

For more detailed instructions, please click here and follow the instructions beginning on step #2.

Transition can take up to 3 business days to complete. Once your data migration begins, be sure to use your old ParishSOFT programs only for reference – any updates entered in the ParishSOFT desktop programs after we begin transitioning your data to ConnectNow will not appear in your church’s ConnectNow Family Suite database.

If you do make entries, save documentation of the changes so that you can make them in the ConnectNow system after your transition is complete.


Next Steps

You will receive an email letting you know the data migration process is underway. We'll let you know when your data migration is complete and ready for review.