Virtual Classroom

Join other church staff and a ParishSOFT trainer in an online classroom. During the class, you’ll use your own computer and interact with the software as you learn.

How it Works

  • You'll connect with the Virtual Classroom through GoToMeeting—a web-service that allows you to hear the instructor's presentation and interact with the instructor and other trainees.
    NOTE: You'll need highspeed Internet access

  • During the session, you'll use the software you're being trained on to complete exercises from the instructor.

  • As you train, you can ask your instructor questions and learn from others in the Virtual Classroom.


  • Hands-on Learning: You interact with the software during the training session

  • Live Instructor: A ParishSOFT instructor is there to answer your questions

  • Flexible Scheduling: Choose a time and date that works with your schedule

  • Affordable Pricing: Virtual Classroom is a very affordable training option (see pricing info below), and for churches that need a lot of training, the unlimited Virtual Classroom subscription is a great offer


  • Classes are priced by the hour (Learn More)

    • 1 hour class = $75 per attendee

    • 1.5 hour class = $100 per attendee

    • 3 hour class = $150 per attendee

  • New customers are offered 90 days of training at no charge after their initial purchase