Pricing Options

We want to help you maximize your new software, and the best way to ensure smooth transitions in your office is to get started on training! Invest in your training, and you'll be investing the success of your parish staff. Below we've listed a few pricing options to help you make the most cost effective decision for your parish.


Option 1: Unlimited Training for Your Entire Staff Team for One Year - $375

Purchasing unlimited training is the best-value option, especially if you have...

  • New staff who need training

  • Staff who would benefit from a refresher-course or two

  • New software that staff haven't been trained on yet


Option 2: Select and Pay for Training Classes Individually Per Person

Training classes are priced by the class length. (Most classes are 1 hour.)

1-hour class

1.5-hour class

3-hour class



Sample Pricing Breakdown

Sample pricing to train 2 staff members on ConnectNow Family Directory:

ConnectNow Family Directory Classes

Staff Member #1

Staff Member #2

CN FD10: ConnectNow Family Directory Basics
CN FD20: ConnectNow Family Directory Sacramental Records and Reporting
CN FD21: ConnectNow Family Directory Work Groups and Communication
CN FD22: ConnectNow Family Directory My Own Church and Administration




Total for training 2 staff on ConnectNow Family Directory:


In this case, it would make more sense to purchase unlimited training for a year for $375.