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Family Directory

Adding & Deleting People (4:54)

Walks through the steps for adding new families and individuals to your data, and also covers how to remove them.

Emailing from ConnectNow (5:08)

Learn how to send emails from your ConnectNow family suite. The video walks through the process for sending an email to a single address, as well as how to send to multiple addresses.

Setting Up Workgroups (2:48)

Learn how to create Family Workgroups and Member Workgroups, so you can quickly and easily communicate with specific groups of people in your data.

Simple Search for People (1:55)

Shows how to use the simple yet powerful search tool built into Family Directory, to find the individuals and families you're looking for in your data.

Searching & Filtering for Reporting (7:59)

Learn how to use the Search and Advanced Filter routines in the Family and Member lists to create reports, bulk emails, exports, and mail merges.

Adding Members to Families (2:41)

In this video tutorial, learn how to add a new member to an existing family in your Family Directory. We'll also cover how to link a new child record to the existing parent records.

Exporting Envelope List to Send to Vendor (2:59)

This video tutorial walks through the steps to create filtered and non-filtered envelope lists, and covers the setting in each family profile that allows the system to include the family in these two envelope lists.

Importing a Member Into a New Family (4:31)

In this video, learn how to import an existing member into a new family, in cases such as when an adult child moves out of their parent's home.

How to Create a Sacrament Record (5:25)

In this video you'll learn how to add a sacrament to a member's record, using the sacrament of marriage as an example. You'll see how to search for an existing record first, and then how to link a spouse record.

Group Sacrament Entry (3:11)

Learn how to add or update select sacrament records for several members at once using the Group Sacrament Entry feature.


Offering & Pledges

Fund Setup (4:10)

Walks through the necessary steps to create and manage your funds.

Detail Posting (8:52)

Covers the contribution data entry using detail posting process.

Import Online Giving to ConnectNow Offering (3:52)

How to import your ParishSoft Online Giving contributions into the ConnectNow Offering module.

Editing & Deleting Contributions from Open Batches (4:16)

After watching this video, you'll understand how to correct or remove contributions from open batches. This video covers making changes to single contributions as well as multiple contributions at one time.

Creating Pledge Records (3:56)

This video tutorial walks you through how to create pledge records in the Offering module. You'll see how to search for an individual or family to create the pledge for, how to define the specifics of the pledge, and how to filter the Pledge page to view any existing pledge records.

Editing Contributions in a Closed Batch (3:28)

If you've made an error in your contribution entry and need to make a correction, but the batch is already closed, in this video tutorial you'll find out how to correct your error. We'll look at how to create a correction batch, how to identify it as such, and how to make the offsetting contribution entries needed to fix your entry error.

Creating a Pledge Batch (1:46)

Learn how to create a pledge batch, the first step in entering pledges into ConnectNow.

Posting Pledge Payments (2:14)

In this video tutorial you'll see how to post pledge payments in the Posting routine, as well as verify that the payment is connected to an existing pledge in your system.

Generating Electronic Statements (4:08)

This video tutorial walks you through the process of reviewing and generating electronic statements for your donors. You will also see how to export a list of your donors who will receive an electronic statement so you can notify them via email.

Quick Entry Posting

Learn how to enter contribution data entry and posting processes using the Quick Entry option.


Religious Education

Lookup Configuration and Migration Wizard (6:48)

Walks through the steps to configure your Lookup fields, such as Classes, Rooms, Leaders, etc. Also covers the migration process from the Desktop Religious Education program to the ConnectNow Religious Education program.

Dashboard Overview (3:31)

A quick look at the Religious Education Dashboard. Learn the purpose of each panel in the Dashboard, and how to quickly use the dashboard to look up the details on your classes.

Adding Terms, Sessions, and Classes (8:51)

Learn how to setup your Terms, Sessions, and Classes, the three building blocks of the ConnectNow Religious Education module.

Setting Lookups (3:14)

Learn how to define field entries for the Buildings, Rooms, Leaders, and other Religious Education information.

Setting Up Online Registration (3:28)

In this video we'll show you how to turn on the online registration functionality for your Religious Education program.

Processing Online Registrations (2:49)

This tutorial will walk you through the steps for processing online registrations that have been submitted for your Religious Education program.

Emailing Students & Parents (3:34)

Learn how to send emails to your students and their parents. This video covers how to send to specific individuals, as well as entire classes, terms, and sessions. You'll also see how to email students only, parents only, or students and parents.

Remove Students and Leaders From a Class (2:17)

This video tutorial shows you how to remove a student or leader from a class.



How to Create Invoices (5:03)

In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to create tuition invoices for your families. You'll see how to add Religious Education families to Tuition, how to add tuition items to an invoice, and how to create an invoice for a single family or for multiple families.

How to Create Templates (2:36)

This video tutorial will show you how to create templates for tuition invoices. You'll see how to add items to the template and how to define a payment plan for the template.

How to Apply Payments and Discounts (2:04)

In ConnectNow Tuition you can apply full and partial payments and discounts to your invoices. This video tutorial will show you how to pay an entire invoice, how to pay a partial invoice, and how to combine payments with discounts in a single invoice.

How to Add and Edit Invoice Items (2:31)

Invoice items are the line items that make up your tuition invoices. This video tutorial shows you how to create and edit invoice items. You'll see how to name the invoice items, and how to assign amounts and funds. Additionally, you'll learn how to edit, delete, export, and deactivate existing invoice items..


Ministry Scheduler

Adding Ministers (8:13)

Learn how to add ministers to your ministries, edit your minister assignments, and how to temporarily inactive your minister assignments.

Configuration (5:27)

Learn how to setup and manage your Ministry Groups, Ministries, and Events. These three areas are the basic building blocks of the ConnectNow Ministry Scheduler program.

Scheduling (6:42)

Walk through the basic scheduling process in this video. Learn how to set the Scheduling Options, select a Scheduling time frame, run the Auto Schedule routine, and how to review and validate your schedules.


My Own Church

Member Navigation (3:16)

Provides a brief overview of the MyOwnChurch site from a member's perspective. Covers how to navigate the site and provides explanations for each area.

Member Registration (3:09)

Walks through the steps required for members to register for an account on your organization's MyOwnChurch site.

Submitting Online Registrations (2:36)

In this video we'll show you how to submit online registrations for your church's Religious Education program.

Retrieving Electronic Statements (1:12)

In this video tutorial you'll learn how to access and download your electronic giving statements from within your My Own Church account.


IQ (Intelligent Query)

IQ Overview (2:27)

In this brief video, you'll learn how the IQ module is arranged, and how using it can benefit your organization.

Adding Fields & Sorting (4:05)

Learn how to add data fields to your queries, and how to sort your results.

Exporting & Merging (3:47)

Learn how to export your query results to Excel or another spreadsheet program, how to create a new Family Workgroup based upon your query results, and how to create a Mail Merge document based upon your query results.

Adding Conditions - Basic (3:37)

This video tutorial will show you how to add basic conditions to your queries. Conditions allow you to refine your query results to return only the data you really want.

Adding Conditions - Advanced (3:02)

In this video tutorial, we'll show you how to use the ANY condition in your queries. We'll cover when you should use the ANY condition, as well as how it differs from the ALL condition. And, we'll walk through a quick example so you can see the ANY condition used in a real world example.


ConnectNow Administration

Adding Custom Organizations (2:24)

Need to add an organization that is not already present in your software's lists of sacramental places? This tutorial covers how to add custom organizations, which can then be used to record where a sacrament took place.

Adding Staff & Staff Permissions (5:58)

This tutorial covers how to add staff user accounts, and how to manage their permissions.

Families with Suspense Activity (2:48)

See how to use the Families with Suspense Activity process to review and approve or deny changes made by your members.

New Users in Suspense (5:48)

This video tutorial walks through the process of reviewing and approving new user registrations to your My Own Church site. Learn how to search for, review, approve, and delete user registrations, as well as how to link new user registrations to existing member records. This video also covers the automatic approval options.

How to Manage Lookups (3:13)

Learn how to add, edit, and merge entries in your lookup tables in this video tutorial. The lookup tables store information found in most of the drop-down menus in the Family Directory and Religious Education modules, such as Celebrant, Language, Grades, and many more.

Organization Directory: How to Search for and Mark Favorites (1:59)

Frequently used organizations can be marked as a "favorite" to make them easier to find when entering sacramental records. In this video tutorial you'll get tips on how to search for a specific organization, how to mark an organization as a favorite, and how to bring up a list of your favorite organizations.


The notifications area is for communicating to administrators to inform them of changes made to family records in the organizations they manage.


Online Giving

Export Contributions (4:23)

Learn how to use the export routine in ParishSoft's Online Giving program, to generate a file that can easily be imported into ConnectNow Offerings & Pledges.

How to Reset a Password (1:41)

Here's how to reset your password and username for your Online Giving account.

How to Set Up Funds (2:05)

This video tutorial shows you how to add new funds to your church's Online Giving site. It also covers how to use the Status and Date Range fields to turn funds on and off.